Apparently, according to Nationwide Insurance, the one thing missing in Super Bowl commercials is a dead kid.

I don’t even have to wait until the end of the week to pick this week’s big “Lemon” loser when it comes to a really…really…bad marketing decision.

I certainly have a few comments, but first…

…in case you missed the commercial…

I am not even sure I need to say much other than…

Wrong message, wrong time.

I mean really. A Super Bowl Advertisement?

Maybe the tactic was in keeping with “Be The Lime” – you know…Different 🙂

Everyone else is running humorous advertisements with puppies, celebrities and hot models. They expect (and enjoy) that!

I would have loved to have been in Nationwide’s conference room during the big ad “pitch.”

You know some over-caffeinated person convincing Nationwide’s people how this ad will stand out and get attention.

Probably went something like this…

“You know what people like more than beer, seven-layer dip, and chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday?…..wait for it………..Dead kids!”

Look, I get it.

It is a real issue that can be avoided in some cases. But was this really the time to bring it up?

And what about those families that have actually lost a child to such a tragedy…thanks for reminding them.

Nope…I don’t have to wait until the end of the week to choose my LEMON OF THE WEEK.

Congrats Nationwide. You did get attention but that old adage of “Any press is good press” is not really true in this case.