Tweets sent per minute on Twitter. How will yours be heard?
People that login to Facebook daily. Are they looking at you?
Emails sent per second. How to make sure yours get read!

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Email Marketing Is Still King

Let’s face it. When it comes to marketing, email gets a bad rap. It is kind of like that drunk relative at your family reunion. You know they are there…but you try and ignore them and [...]

How United Became Untied Airlines

By now we have all seen the footage of the United Airlines passenger dragged off the plane. With some “more important” stand-by passengers, he didn’t make the cut. Think of it as winning the lottery in [...]

Be The Lime Book

Your Guide To Unique, Different, and NOT Being A Lemon.

This book is for…

The Brick and Mortar business that wants to get more customers in the door.

The online entrepreneur who wants his/her brand to attract raving fans.

The person trying to sell anything online.

The person who is overwhelmed by social media and doesn’t know where to start.

The person who wants to build a celebrity-like image that resonates with people.

The person who doesn’t want a full-time marketing job but needs some simple real world strategies that can be implemented today!

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Ridiculously awesome results. Be The Lime gave me straight forward approaches to reach and track all my interactions online and practical real-world advice toward new opportunities.
Thomas Person, Commonwealth Cedar Spills
You know ‘that guy’ that everyone calls to take something complex and turn it into a winning results-oriented game plan? That is Fred Rewey and Be The Lime!
Tracy Z, Exposure One
Laura Landgraf testimonial
Love working with Fred. As I began building a platform his clarity with regard to outcomes, and knowledge base expertly guided me.
Laura Landgraf, Author - Speaker - Activist

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