Facebook-MarketingAsking me if I like Facebook and Facebook Marketing is kind of like asking me if I wanted to be popular in High School.

I know that it would have been cool to get all that attention, but then again, I would have to hang out with people that go along with that.

Want to go to the Prom?

To me, the success of Facebook is largely due to people getting to re-live their high school popularity endeavors.

Most people on Facebook will tell you that they are only on it to “Re-connect with old friends.” – I am sure that may have been the intent, but after that first week – mission accomplished – Facebook turns into an whole other animal.

Look at me I have 248 million “friends.” “Oh, I got 14 like on my status update, I feel so validated.”

Now before you think I am getting too preachy about Facebook or Facebook Marketing…

I have a Facebook account as well. I am guilty of posting narcissistic photos, one liners I find entertaining (if only to myself), and yes, enjoy it when people comment, post, or share.

So, I am speaking from the first phase of what could be a 12-step Facebook program. So, before I get hate mail, understand that I am calling myself out just as much as anyone else.

Behind all those kitten videos…

Facebook has its pros and cons (and kittens).

Frankly you need to get through the top layer of superficial “please like me” phase to find its true business potential.

But, underneath that thin layer of “Monday sucks” and hundreds of Insta-Gram photos of food lies a real market for those that are willing to hang in there.

So, if you dare, lets look at a few things that make Facebook attractive to the average business (large or small).


Hey, “free” has to be one of the most attractive things I could have possibly led with.

I mean sure, you are looking for results, but how many results do you need if it didn’t cost you anything to begin with?

As of this writing , unless you are running advertisements on Facebook, the cost to set up you account is zero. Nothing for a personal account, nothing for a business fan page*.

*Despite what some people believe, as of this publish date; you can have a business account without a personal one.

You can’t watch a show on prime time without seeing some sort of Facebook icon show up (although I really think Twitter is wining the war on that front). Apparently we are supposed to drop what we are doing and head to the computer to go to the Facebook page.

A basic rule of marketing your business is looking for ways to get your message in front of a lot of targeted people – for a low cost. Facebook passes that test.


Let’s face it. People on Facebook talk…a lot.

When you post something on Facebook (a post, photo, link, whatever) you are bound to get some sort of feedback in a real hurry (assuming people have “friended*” you of course.)

*I am not even sure that “friended” is a real word. I think I just made it up.

Anyway, people converse on Facebook are quick to respond, like, and share a post they find worthy of their attention. I am not sure I know a medium that has so much immediate interaction.

It also tells me that a lot of people have a lot of time on their hands.

Also, all interactions are archived in a way that you always see them. This keeps the conversation going which is especially helpful for people in other time zones.

So, with Free and Interaction all lined up and ready to go… what is the best way for a business to get involved?

First off, a Fan Page.

You are going to want to go Facebook.com and set up Fan Page.

As I was writing this I realized it would just be a heck of a lot easier to SHOW you how to do it, than write about is.

Here are a couple things that can really make your fan page shine…

Timeline photo

A lot of people were upset with Facebook when they changed everything to the
“Timeline” format. Personally, I thought it worked well for businesses.

You have a

[very] large photo that allows you to give the viewer an idea of who they are dealing with.

There is also a smaller photo (your avatar if you will) that will follow you throughout any comments you leave back, etc. our photos and playing with some different sizes.

If you want something a bit more fancy, check themes out for some ideas or simply pay someone to design one for you.

Invite Friends

In Facebook you can invite any “Friends” to your business account you may have tied to your personal Facebook account.

This can be a great way to get started. But…

Please don’t be that person who invites everyone over to their house for a BBQ but then starts selling them magnets (I got stuck at a BBQ like that once).

In other words, try and really think which friends it might be appropriate to invite. Your friends can be a very supportive…but only to a point when you start sending them stuff you know they could care less about.

Some other thoughts on Facebook.

Tracking Tip – Facebook is very limited in what you get as far as tracking. But did you know that you can use Google Analytics to track your Facebook page?

Create a new account in Google Analytics using your Facebook page url,

Just create up a new account in Google Analytics using your Facebook page URL, copy your UA-XXXXXXX-XX number and insert it here:

<fb:google-analytics uacct=”UA-xxxxxxxx-xx” />  

Place this line at the top of your FBML code.

That is it (well give Google a couple hours to get it going). After that…Stats!

So, now what?

Now that you have a [fan] page the real magic can begin. But let me start with a couple facts you need to be aware of.

Let’s say you have 200 people that have “Liked” you new business fan page, “Cupid’s Cupcakes.”

When you post something that means that up to 200 people could see it on their wall.

The fact of the matter is that maybe 30% will see it.

Facebook does not serve your post to every person who likes your page. Now, if the 60 find it really popular (comments, likes, etc) you may start hitting a higher percentage of walls.

So delivering interesting and relevant posts should always be at the top of your list.

What should you post?

In this case a pic of a cupcake would be a great start. But non-stop cupcake posting would get really old*

*which means less interaction and less people seeing your posts over time.

What would I post if I had a cupcake business (keeping in mind that I know nothing about the cupcake business except that they taste good)? Off the top of my head…

  1. The occasional cupcake (something that looks great and has a story).
  2. Some cute kid eating a cupcake. The messier the better – frosting all over the face. Parent permission is a must.
  3. Someone famous, or locally famous, eating a cupcakes. Firemen and Policemen are also great.
  4. Pic of some raw ingredients with the caption “Dreaming of being a cupcake.”
  5. Cupcake pic (special on sale)
  6. Outside of the building with some catchy phrase like, “Through these doors, dreams are made true.”
  7. A cupcake recipe (no one will take the time to make it…but they will think you are really cool for sharing it).

You will notice that only one of the seven had anything to do with directly selling a cupcake.


Because they get it.

They know you want to sell cupcakes. You don’t need to hammer them over the head with it.

Facebook is about staying on their mind.

By sharing things that don’t scream “BUY ME” they will continue to follow you..and…buy cupcakes.

The other thing you will notice is I have chosen items I think people with either “share,” “like,” or “comment” on.

That is key and very helpful for a business wanting to grow on Facebook.

If someone “shares” your posts on their wall, that is an automatic inferred third-party credibility piece.

Now, let’s say that #2 starts taking off. I mean really, who doesn’t like a messy kid photo? The next thing I would do is “Boost Post.”

What is a “Boosting” a post?

Boosting a post is kind of like an ad, but you have a lot less control (it is also a lot cheaper).

These are good for branding and will go to your fans and their friends.

For $10 you might have it show up on 2500 walls.

When we do Facebook advertising for a client, we run a mix of Boost Posts and Facebook Ads. Granted the lions share is in the ads, but the boost can deliver some great home runs when managed correctly.

What about Advertising?

I am, at least right now, a big fan of Facebook advertising. You can promote a page, posts, or even a website (off Facebook).

I will cover more in an actual “Facebook Ads” post at a later date, but I do want to mention that you can place an advertisement with the intent of gaining more “likes.” – this can help build the audience of people that see your posts.

Be sure to read the “Ads” chapter because you re going to want a Facebook ad geared towards getting likes to be very targeted.

You can also use contest formats (such as Rafflecopter) to promote your page and gain more likes (and traffic).

Facebook Marketing Action Items

  • Set up a Personal Facebook account
  • Set up a Business Fan Page
  • Create an Avatar and main photo for each page
  • Add one or two posts per day
  • Once set up, invite friends to “Like” your business page
  • Boost a post or two (not on the same day)
  • Consider a running a targeted ad to gain more likes

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