LimeCastBe The Lime Podcast #1 – What is Be the Lime, What is it all about, and WHO should be listening?


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My “Notes” when I did this podcast (in other words, expect some typos). This by no means covers everything in the podcast…so download the podcast for all the tips!

What is Be the Lime, what is it all about…WHO should be listening?

First of all…

Be the Lime is centered on being unique and standing out from the pack.

Whether your own personal life. Your Business. Your Brand.

We all know people, products, brand and companies that stand out.

They have what I call the “Lime Factor”…

Matter of fact, the whole premise of the Be The Lime concept comes from one phrase…

Be the Lime, the World has enough lemons.

It is the premise I start with when dealing with private clients.

Chances are, you have not heard of me….but I would be willing to bet you have seen my work.

This podcast coming to life is due to clients and colleagues urging me to “make public” some of the strategies, tips, and results that I am a part of.

After giving it some thought, is sounded fun…but I took it one step further.

I not only launched the podcast. I simultaneously launched a website, and couple social media accounts.


Because if I am going to talk about what my clients need to do, I am going to do it – again – from square one.

No fair adding to my existing Twitter, Facebook, email lists, etc, etc. – Let’s do it from the start and share with everyone how it was done.

You can visit the website – – and sign up for the eletter there. In addition to the podcasts, there is even more information in the weekly eletters or articles you can use right away.

So, who should be listening to this podcast?

Anyone that wants to…

…stand out personally…find your inner uniqueness – your inner “Lime.”

…has a business that you want people to notice.

….has a brand that you are trying to turn prospects into clients, and clients into raving fans.

But this podcast is about ACTION!

I don’t want this to be a 30,000 foot, warm fuzzy, be yourself, you are all special…put affirmation post-it notes on your mirror…

You know, know…if I put a picture of a Ferrari and pony on my bathroom mirror sooner or later I am going to have a Ferrari and a pony.

I don’t believe in all that stuff…to some degree.

I think it does help to have a positive attitude…but we are going to talk about concrete elements that we need to be doing…

By concrete I mean actionable items….things that I put in place with my clients.

Every podcast is going to have an action you can put to use right away.

Maybe log on to your computer and post something specific to Facebook. Or add something to your website, or make a change in how your brand is presented to people.

Whatever the case, you can take action and set yourself apart from others.

We are going to also cover pretty much the gambit of tools (free and otherwise) that can help you stand out.

All the while being conscience of the time it takes and knowing that your time is valuable.

We will delve into the popular areas to get your message out, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, but we will also look for some killer strategies that can help your brand really break out, like email marketing, contests, and joint venture promotions.

So let’s get rid of a few rumors or “myths” out of the gate.

You don’t need to do everything.

Matter of fact, I heard a great quote the other day.

“You can do anything, you just can do everything.”

That is truer today that any other time in history.

One of the first things I do with a new client (after seeing what they have done so far) is ask them “where” they think they want to communicate their message.

Almost all of them will rattle off all the outlets they have either heard of or told they must be on.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, Vine, Meetup, Google +

He is a big secret.

You don’t need to be on them all to be very successful.

Matter of fact, you only need one or two.


You have to know what the BEST one is for you or your brand.

For Example:

Almost every client we get thinks they need to be on Twitter.

They may not understand twitter, but they think they should be on it.

Let me say this….

Twitter does NOT work for 9 out of 10 business. – and maybe that is being generous.

How do I know?

Let’s say you own a Bakery in Wells, NV.

You bake pies, cakes, and bread. (Obviously I am hungry since my made up example has food).


I suspect the bulk of your business is going to come from within 20 miles. (I actually think Wells, NV is about half that in size anyway).

Twitter is GLOBAL.

Spending all your time tweeting and conversing on Twitter will not do you any good if you are dealing with people that are largely outside your “buying area.”

Sure, you might be the most popular baker on Twitter – but if that doesn’t equal sales – it was a waste of time.

Now, if you were selling your baked goods ONLINE – that is a different story 🙂

For the full story, including the Lemon of the Week, listed to the podcast at the top of this page!