In a time of delivering harmless Twitter tweets and bland interactions, Wendy’s twitter account just turned the table and the Internet loved it.

No, Wendy’s Twitter had not been hacked. They are just adopting a much more “Lime Like” attitude…

…Stand out…be different.

In case you missed it. Here is the online exchange of Wendy’s Twitter Roast.

It started with “Thuggy-D” trying to call out Wendy’s on their beef really being frozen…

Wendy's Twitter Exchange

Wendy’s responded with the normal “corporate” response..

Wendy's Twitter Exchange

Then things escalated…

Wendy's Twitter Exchange

Then things got BRILLIANT…

Wendy's Twitter Exchange

How can you not love it?

Engaging with Internet Trolls can always be challenging but companies like Wendy’s are keeping things legit and realizing the benefits along the way.

Thuggy-D actually deleted his account, if it ever existed in the first place 🙂 –  but not before the exchange could be copied.

It is great to see not only someone having fun at a corporate level, but also not afraid to take a stand.

For this, and general twitter-response-awesomeness, Wendy’s wins “Lime of the Week”*

*There are not prizes for Lime of the Week (at least not yet) but we are thinking a Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy 1/2 Lb. Double and a frosty.



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