be-the-lime-emailThere is no “one size fits all” when it comes to creating a great email marketing campaign.

There are some basic items I like to stick to in a “sales” email campaign.

There needs to be some sort of benefit. Is it a discount? Is it a “new” item? Is it only available for a limited time? Is there a special guest?

Is there way to send an email, going for some sort of sale, but still look good in the process?

The answer is “Yes,”

The following examples are for “sales” emails. “Content” emails are a bit different in that, for the most part, you are only passing on information that is helpful.

Although every company is a bit different, here are a couple “go to” email marketing methods that have a tendency to work well for most people.

Let’s create some email marketing examples now!

The $100 Hammer for $4.25

This is the obvious one. It is simply an email that tells people what you have for sale. It usually needs a good discount and keep it short – the response is in the deal.

The sale is in the discount. Something like this…

Subject: Cupcake Wars


As you may know, we have been voted

the #1 cupcake baker in Los Angles three

years in a row!

And now we are going for FOUR!

Bring in this email in the next 48 hours

and get $20 worth of cupcakes for only $5!

Really, we are not crazy, it is just our

way of thanking our customers and what

better way to “give back” than give


Really, no tricks, $20 worth of cupcakes

for only $5.

See you soon,

Susie Cupcake III

There are no real “tricks” in this email. I call it the “hammer” because only one part works…what is the deal. Make it attractive and make it have a time limit!

It is such an incredible discount that the reader has to take action (no one likes to miss out on a deal if they can help it!)

This deal has an attractive price and creates urgency (only 48 hours).

Clean. Easy. Effective.

Three Question Survey

I wish I could take credit for this one, but I can’t. I learned this one awhile back from someone else and I improved upon it with some specialized web forms built just for the technique. The essence of it works great in an email campaign.

Here is what you need to do.

  1. Create a survey on or one of the other free survey locations.
  1. Do not make the survey longer than 3 questions.
  1. After they have finished the survey, take them to a web page that thanks them for helping you out and offers them something for the trouble.

The questions of the survey are really irrelevant. I mean make them something relevant to your business, but the survey is really just an excuse to send an email.

The beauty of this technique is that you can don’t look like you are “selling” anything – just asking for some help on a survey that will take less than a minute.

This is an example of just how short your email could be…

Subject: Can you help me?


I was wondering if you could spare

60 seconds and answer three questions

for me.

I promise they are really easy, but it

will help me better serve you in the future.

Heck, I will even make it worth your while

and I promise it will only take 60 seconds.

Quicklink —> Go Here (link)

All the best,

Daniel Marris

That is it. I might throw in a PS, but I certainly wouldn’t make the body of this email any longer.

The longer the email the longer the person thinks the survey will be.

After they take the survey, the will get a page that says, “Hey, thanks for answering the survey, it will really help me out…

…As a token of my appreciation, print this page for a

[free appetizer, cup of coffee, cupcake, consulting session, car wash upgrade – whatever you want to offer].

You can even offer the same cupcake deal. The point is, the only reason they are getting they deal is because they helped you on the survey.

Important note: This technique needs to be reserved for very good deals –  otherwise the person feels slighted. Put your best offer in this format – not just a 5% off.

Ta da! Pretty cool huh? Play your cards right and maybe you can even do something with those survey answers.

The Results Are IN! (Three Question Survey…part two).

Hey, remember that survey we ran…oh…one example ago? Let’s do something with it…like send out an email to our database.

Subject: I could not believe the results


Wow. When I asked my friends to take a

short survey I had no idea the results and

comments I would get.

All this time I never realized how important

XXX was to my customers.


You talked. I listened.

Print out this email and redeem for

[insert whatever they redeem it for here]

Thanks again!

Skippy Milson

In this case you can decide whether to send the email only to those that actually took the survey or everyone (just modify the text). Personally, I usually just send it out to everyone, as it is the deal I want him or her to see.

People love results.

They want to see if they somehow influenced the survey with their own opinion.

It’s In The News

It is always great when you can tie an email marketing to a current event.

Local newspapers and the national news cover so many topics, at some point they are bound to overlap with your industry*

*Check out Google Alerts to help you keep current events related to your subject matter on your radar.

Here is an example of a current event email being able to be used for your own gain.

Subject: USA Today Names Biggest Investor Mistakes

I am sure by now you have heard about the

shocking report USA Today did about the average

stock market investor and HUGE mistakes

they are making.

If you didn’t, you can see the report here (link)

As a financial advisor, my entire day is devoted to

not only helping people build a solid financial

future…but also a solid “present.”

For additional tips and strategies that

USA Today forgot to add, check out this page

On my site (link)

All the best,

Steven Rock

The news report can be in any form. If it was a video, I would actually go through the trouble in embedding the video on your own personal website (if allowed). This gets people to your site.

The trick to this technique is an inferred third party verification of what you have been saying all along gets you more (and new) business almost every time.

Email Marketing Action Items

  • Draft your version of a “$100 Hammer” email
  • Draft your version of a “Three Question Survey” email (and the survey questions)
  • Draft your version of an “In the News” email


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