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Panera Bets Bagels Are On Your New Year’s Resolution List

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Let’s just cut to the chase and give Panera Bread the first ‘Be the Lime Award’ of 2018 with their New Years email. If your inbox is like mine, right now you are being flooded with ads for Paleo Diet, Weight Watchers, and Bowflex machines. Don’t get me wrong, those are just the big boys. [...]

Email Marketing Is Still King

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Let’s face it. When it comes to marketing, email gets a bad rap. It is kind of like that drunk relative at your family reunion. You know they are there…but you try and ignore them and hang with the really cool uncle that partied with Elvis. Well, I got news for you. Email is still [...]

Creating a Kick Butt Email Marketing Campaign

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There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to creating a great email marketing campaign. There are some basic items I like to stick to in a “sales” email campaign. There needs to be some sort of benefit. Is it a discount? Is it a “new” item? Is it only available for a [...]

Be The Lime Podcast 003 – The Golden Goose

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What is the number one thing you can do, right now, that could have the greatest impact on your business or brand – and, here is the kicker…will cost you next to nothing?! […]

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How Do I Create An Email List?

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Aah the old days when you wanted to talk to someone you corked your message inside of a bottle and hoped for the best. Then it was about creating an email list with a couple hundred names on it. Nowadays, it is about getting a whole list of people. There are many ways to get [...]

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Ka-Ching: Email Marketing For Businesses

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Why does should every successful company (online or offline) talk about the potential of their email marketing? And why do so many companies make a BIG mistake thinking that email “lists” don’t apply to them? A “list” is basically a collection of information you have on your clients or customers. At the most basic level, [...]

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Best Email Marketing For You and Your Business

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Just about every business today needs to have some sort of “online” marketing campaign that utilizes emails or eletters to communicate with current or prospective customers. As your business grows and is more on target with respect to marketing, you are going to quickly outgrow the “manual” email send from your own computer and need [...]

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