Let’s face it. Most people are carbon copies of last night’s reality show.

They think following the latest trend makes them unique, but in reality, it makes them blend in.

The more people try and stand out, the more they seem to get lost.

I call them lemons.

The are the 99% of everything and everyone you see.

At work.

At the local watering hole.

On your neighborhood softball team.

And almost everyone at weekly-get-to-know-you-feel-good-about-ourselves-networking-event.

Lemons have cool catch phrases, motivational quotes (which are not all bad), and 102,357 reasons to fail in both business and life.

Strike that.

Lemons don’t have reasons for why they fail, they have excuses – and lots of them.

The really sad part is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A LEMON*

*yes, caps were on because I am yelling

It is really not that hard to be unique

It is your inner uniqueness that makes you special. You are born with it. Watch a kid for five minutes. They are oblivious to the world and have no problem making up their own special games that can keep them entertained for hours.

At some point in most people’s life, things change. You stop listening to your inner voice and feel peer pressure or the desire to “blend in.” Don’t worry, it happens to most people.

That is also why we see some people in the world, athletes, actors, musicians, inventors, and inspirational leaders as unique and amazing.

What makes them so special?

They are people that repeatedly go their own way. They go by their gut and are not afraid to stand by their thoughts, opinions and convictions.

They stand out in crowd and are noticed the second they walk into a room. Not because of some outward beauty, but because they are missing the layers and layers of crud that attaches to us every day.

I call them Limes.

Some people are born that way and never lose it. More likely, they are people who emerged from the world of lemons and became limes.

Limes are refreshing and noticeable because from childhood we are taught to be lemons. Limes stand out. Limes have the new ideas. Limes advance in whatever they are doing. Basically, Limes live life to its fullest.

Lemons…well…they sit on the sidelines.

Let’s Squeeze a Few Lemons.

It is time to change.

Hell, we can’t save everyone from a life of lemonhood.* But we can save a few.

*yes, I just made up that word. That is just the kind of superpowers that Limes have.

Matter of fact, if you made it this far in the post, you are probably partially a lime or are at least turning slightly [lime] green just reading this.

So, since this is the first official post on the new site…

…let’s start squeezing some lemons and find our inner lime.