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5 Reasons Competition is GREAT For Your Business

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One of my favorite new client objections is that they have too much competition. This is a common comment from both new and established companies. Having competition is not only healthy, it can come with some tremendous advantages. 1. Makes You Focus On Your Customer We have all dealt with a company that we had [...]

Jerry Hauls Junks—and he is an online marketing genius.

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When I say "online marketing genius," I just don't think he knows it. A couple months ago a hurricane ripped though various parts of Florida (ok, most of it). We were lucky compared to many other places (and people), but we did end up with some water damage in my office. Although not catastrophic, it [...]

Make Safe Happen? – Nationwide 2015 Super Bowl Commercial

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Apparently, according to Nationwide Insurance, the one thing missing in Super Bowl commercials is a dead kid. I don't even have to wait until the end of the week to pick this week's big "Lemon" loser when it comes to a really...really...bad marketing decision. I certainly have a few comments, but first... case you [...]

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Don’t Be A Lemon

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Let’s face it. Most people are carbon copies of last night’s reality show. They think following the latest trend makes them unique, but in reality, it makes them blend in. The more people try and stand out, the more they seem to get lost. I call them lemons. The are the 99% of everything and [...]

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