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Chatbot Marketing—Is it the New Greatest Thing?

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The next great technology? Or the annoying chat screen? What's up with Chatbot Marketing? 1. Not Your Father's Chatbot They are smarter, faster—and they learn. But, what is a Chatbot? A Chatbot is a computer generated program that mimics intelligent conversation. It can act as a stand-alone program or can be combined with an actual [...]

Be The Lime Podcast: 007 – Are Websites Still Relevant?

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Lots of talk about social media lately. So much so, some people are wondering if websites are still relevant? Can you (or should you) run a business or brand without a website? We discuss this and more in this episode! […]

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7 Website Mistakes Businesses Make

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In today’s competitive market, the difference between getting a client, customer, or deal oftentimes comes down to your business website. Even if someone calls you on the phone, you can rest assured that they have already checked you out online (or will). This is great for those people that have a professional looking website, but [...]

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