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Panera Bets Bagels Are On Your New Year’s Resolution List

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Let’s just cut to the chase and give Panera Bread the first ‘Be the Lime Award’ of 2018 with their New Years email. If your inbox is like mine, right now you are being flooded with ads for Paleo Diet, Weight Watchers, and Bowflex machines. Don’t get me wrong, those are just the big boys. [...]

Chatbot Marketing—Is it the New Greatest Thing?

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The next great technology? Or the annoying chat screen? What's up with Chatbot Marketing? 1. Not Your Father's Chatbot They are smarter, faster—and they learn. But, what is a Chatbot? A Chatbot is a computer generated program that mimics intelligent conversation. It can act as a stand-alone program or can be combined with an actual [...]

How To Start A Horrible Internet Marketing Business

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Why would anyone want to start an online Internet business with the sole purpose of failing? I don’t think anyone would, then again… …so many people do fail in such a majestic manner, you have to wonder if it was a conscience effort. Ok, of course it wasn’t, but it’s easy to get sucked into [...]

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