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Fred Rewey is the co-founder of Exposure One and author of Be The Lime...the world has enough lemons. He is a full time #SocialMedia Ninja, Author, NSA Speaker, Marketing Consultant and part-time technology geek. You can hear his Be the Lime Podcast on iTunes or you can chat with Fred on Twitter @Godfadr.

How To Start A Horrible Internet Marketing Business

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Why would anyone want to start an online Internet business with the sole purpose of failing? I don’t think anyone would, then again… …so many people do fail in such a majestic manner, you have to wonder if it was a conscience effort. Ok, of course it wasn’t, but it’s easy to get sucked into [...]

7 Website Mistakes Businesses Make

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In today’s competitive market, the difference between getting a client, customer, or deal oftentimes comes down to your business website. Even if someone calls you on the phone, you can rest assured that they have already checked you out online (or will). This is great for those people that have a professional looking website, but [...]

Why Your OFFLINE Customers Need To Be ONLINE….Now!

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With all the talk about getting more people coming into a brick and mortar store using online methods, there is very little talk about why you would also want to convert an offline person to online. Now, before we go any further, I am not talking about selling online (at least not yet). No, I [...]

Don’t Be A Lemon

2012-01-15T10:44:01-05:00By |Categories: Lime Articles and Stuff|Tags: , , , |

Let’s face it. Most people are carbon copies of last night’s reality show. They think following the latest trend makes them unique, but in reality, it makes them blend in. The more people try and stand out, the more they seem to get lost. I call them lemons. The are the 99% of everything and [...]

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