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Tomorrow’s Special – Marketing for Future Business

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I am not going to lie. I am kind of a Diner geek. When I am traveling, I love hitting what some people consider ‘Dive’ diners. The more neon, stainless steel, red uniforms, and paper hats…the better. It was in one of these antique watering holes that I saw one of coolest marketing uses that [...]

Panera Bets Bagels Are On Your New Year’s Resolution List

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Let’s just cut to the chase and give Panera Bread the first ‘Be the Lime Award’ of 2018 with their New Years email. If your inbox is like mine, right now you are being flooded with ads for Paleo Diet, Weight Watchers, and Bowflex machines. Don’t get me wrong, those are just the big boys. [...]

Jerry Hauls Junks—and he is an online marketing genius.

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When I say "online marketing genius," I just don't think he knows it. A couple months ago a hurricane ripped though various parts of Florida (ok, most of it). We were lucky compared to many other places (and people), but we did end up with some water damage in my office. Although not catastrophic, it [...]

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